Partner Visa: 4 Critical Reasons Why You Need To Apply For It

Posted on: 6 April 2022

As an immigrant, going for a partner visa is one of the safest pathways to gaining permanent residence in your country of interest. It offers you an opportunity to enjoy many benefits provided by the visa. For instance, most countries are sensitive to issues of marriage. Therefore, you cannot use marriage to make your way into a foreign country. A partner visa allows married couples to stay and enjoy the benefits provided without complications.
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How An Immigration Attorney Will Help You Apply For A Partner Visa

Posted on: 11 February 2021

Do you intend to apply for the Australian partner visa? Most partner visa applicants experience a myriad of challenges as they apply for their permit. Unknown to them, an experienced immigration attorney can make the application process stress-free. Read this guide to understand the benefits of hiring an immigration attorney as you apply for your partner visa. Eligibility Criteria An immigration attorney will assess your situation and advise whether you qualify for the Australian partner visa.
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All You Need to Know About the Australian Family Visa

Posted on: 14 January 2020

The Australian family visa aims to unite Australian citizens and permanent residents with children, parents, spouses or close family that live outside the country. The excerpt below discusses the types of family visas and eligibility criteria, and how you can improve your chances of getting the visa. Types of Family Visas There are various types of family visas. A partner visa enables Australian citizens and permanent residents to invite their fianc├ęs, spouses or de facto partners to live and work in the country.
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